How to Lose Fat Loss: Tips

Old School New Body Guide Review


Are you sick of weight loss products that never produced any results for you? Have you ever wondered why you are never able to shed the pounds despite a good diet plan? Studies have shown that people with similar weights and age groups respond differently to a set fitness regime.

Some people manage to lose weight quickly whilst other people don’t notice any results. There are probably various factors accounting for this, including their genetic makeup, compliance with their regime, environmental factors etc. Old School New Body is a book written by fitness enthusiast Steve Holman who is an expert nutritionist with a background in biology and human physiology. It focuses on one major factor that has been overlooked by many other researchers and that is your gut bacteria.

Old School New Body eBook-How it’s works?

As mentioned, this Old School New Body Diet book looks at the importance of the composition of your gut bacteria when it comes to weight loss. You have probably asked yourself why some people can just eat what they like but never seem to get any problems with their weight. They have probably never even went to a fitness exercise class! Well it is to do with how their body digests the food and how you metabolize the energy source. Your gut lining contains trillions of tiny microscopic organisms called Microbiota, which consists of both harmful as well as friendly useful bacteria. In layman’s terms, friendly bacteria helps your body to digest and get rid of excess fat whereas the harmful bacteria does the opposite. It is a fine balance between the two types, usually 85% good bacteria to 15% harmful bacteria. Any imbalance between the two types of bacteria then we have a problem.

Old School New Body Meal Plan makes it impossible for the body to burn off excess fat and everything you eat is converted to fatty tissue. What’s more the bad bacteria in products like sugar fine tunes your taste buds so that you crave more and more harmful foods. It is like a vicious cycle that would never end. Apart from avoiding harmful bacteria, antibiotics are probably the worst offenders. They kill off all the friendly bacteria in your gut, as well as crippling your immune system and making you more prone to disease. Bad bacteria is also associated with other side effects such as excessive bloating, reflux problems, depression and poor sleep. Scientists have discovered another worrying fact, and that is regarding how gut flora can be passed on in each generation. This Old School New Body Free Download probably explains the impending obesity epidemic and why more and more people are becoming overweight.

The next question would be how we can adjust this delicate balance and tip it in our favor. If we can increase the ratio of friendly bacteria in this ever constant battle then surely it would make our task easier. By learning how to give your gut bacteria a complete changeover, you can make a significant contribution to your weight loss dream. In this Old School New Body Free ebook, you find out exactly how to do this using a 12 week diet plan. Also included are tips on healthy eating and other lifestyle changes that will help further your cause. The result is less craving for bad foods, better immune system and sustained weight loss.